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Some Info about Milo Baù

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Milo Baù, Early Designs

Milo Baù was born on April 13th, 1989 in Venice, Italy, where he lived until the age of four when he moved to Mestre: Venice’s mainland.

After completing middle school, he devoted two year to scientific studies at the “Giordano Bruno” secondary school, and spent the following three-year attending courses at “San Marco”, a Salesian secondary school, where he graduated in 2008 with a diploma of Graphic Design’s Technician.

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Thanks to internships carried out during school, Milo Baù had the possibility to get in touch with various italian graphic design companies such as “Tratti” & “Gruppo Ixelle”.

Wanted by the industry since before his graduation, Milo Baù had to turn down several job offers to complete his course of study.

Between his first experiences as Graphic Designer, is worth to highlight Milo Baù‘s work with the magazine “L’Alternatore – il generatore di idee” (literally translates to “the ideas generator”), where he provided

  • the entire visual identity of the magazine,
  • designing it’s logo,
  • stationary,
  • paginating the magazine,
  • making artworks for both: covers and gadgets,
  • printing the magazine’s shirts.

He has then been assigned, by the municipality of Venice, the responsibility to coordinate the Graphic Design for “L’IMPRONTA”, a magazine edited by a group of prisoners detained in the “Santa Maria Maggiore” prison, in Venice, for which he designed the whole corporate image and layouting of the magazine.

Milo Baù has then the chance to freelance his talent, and grow his experience, providing graphic design services for clients such as restaurants, pubs, acting companies, etc while following up with his course of study into the Graphic Design University of Venice: IUAV.

Studied a new way to find a golden-ratio based grid to layout a pagination on any kind of format, Milo Baù graduates in 2012 as Industrial Designer at IUAV, University on Venice.

Milo Baù designs in Bali

Not even one month after his graduation he received a job offer as Art Director in WellnessWay Magazine, based in Singapore with branches in Bali.

January 2013 Milo Baù moves to Bali to start working as Graphic Design Consultant for PT. OmniaMedia and 25CO Group, always keeping his position as Art Director in Wellnessway. Seen his potentials, a position as manager in the graphic design departement of PT. OmniaMedia is given to Milo Baù after six months.

Since January 2014 Milo Baù is working also as Quality Control Advisor for SpotByte, always keeping his positions as Art Director in WellnessWay and Manager for the PT. OmniaMedia’s graphic design department: Omegraph.

…to be continued.

BAÙ MILO Curriculum Vitae

Milo Baù, a List of Experiences


Graphic Design Department Manager for:

  • Omegraph


Quality Control Advisor for:

  • SpotByte

Graphic Design Department Manager for:

  • Omegraph
  • PT. Omnia Media

Graphic Design OutSource Consultant for:

  • See it Cards
  • UbudIO
  • We Do Amazing Videos
  • ANY.SH
  • 25Co Group
  • OmniaScribes
  • BareFoot Multimedia
  • RCX
  • 25SDA

Designing or restyling their logos and corporate images, and helping in some cases, with the ones of their clients.

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Graphic Designer Outsource for:

  • Servicematica

Restyling their logo and corporate image, realising as well the graphic design requested by their clients.

Art Director For:

  • WellnessWay Magazine

Restyling its logo and corporate image, and managing the whole magazine’s pagination process [as interactive PDF as well].

Graphic Designer Outsource Consultant for:

  • ZeroSquare POS
  • PT. Omnia Media
  • ANY.SH


Graduates at IUAV as:

  • Industrial Designer

University Degree, with vote of 103/110.

Graphic Designer Outsource for:

  • Team Progetti
  • Servicematica


Stage & Graphic Designer Outsource for:

  • Subject Design®

Realising their clients’ requests.


Stage & Graphic Designer Outsource for:

  • Subject Design®

Realising their clients’ requests.


Graduates at ISSM as:

  • Graphic Design’s Technician

High-school Degree, with vote of 85/100.


Graphic Design’s Stage at

  • Tratti

Helping with internal tasks, and realising as well designs requested by some of their clients.


Stage & Hired as Graphic Designer at:

  • Gruppo Ixelle

Helping with internal tasks, and realising as well designs requested by some of their clients.


Milo Baù, a List of skills


Logo Design

Corporate Image



UI Design

Website Design


Photo Retouch

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Acrobat Pro










Bahasa Indonesia


Milo Baù, Testimonials & Recommendations


and what they say about Milo Baù [] work

DeBuNe Decentralized Business Network

Milo did an excellent work for, designing a logo that stands out thanks to an original, sober and agreeable design.

He also delivered a top notch study of the design process and use guide, which we really appreciate.

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Frank White Rabbit
Frank White Rabbit DJ, Party Animal Familia Crew

So simple, yet so effective.

It represents the kind of music i play, it gives the rhythm, you can see the “White Rabbit”… all communicated by just changing one letter.

Brilliant, just brilliant.
I love it!

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Zero Square

Our logo needed a revamp and Milo Baù [] suggested us great ideas to improve it in a very professional way. He guided us into the whole redesign process, following our suggestions and discussing with us how to realise our ideas.

The result is a great mark, thanks to Milo Baù.

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OmniaScribes Scripta Manent

We wanted to have a hand-made logo, something that could give the idea of “old school” work style. Milo presented a many different drafts and discussed with us how to develop each sketch, helping us making a selection that lead to our final the choice.

Milo Baù is a professional logo designer, we recommended him to our partners!

See This Project Any Social Hub Platform

Using the empty spaces created by simple straight lines to represent both the “S” and the “H” it has just been a perfect solution!

Milo Baù [aka] created all the drafts we required to let us free to choose the idea that suited us the best, it has been an hard time choosing among all those beautiful designs, and in the end we could not have been more satisfied with the result.

Professionally, the logo designer Milo Baù it’s highly recommended!

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Faina Infame
Faina Infame Home Brewed Beer

Whit an elegant taste of rétro this logo is exactly what we have been looking for. The “faina” [en: “weasel”] head is perfectly summarised in a geometrical shape, using only straight lines and it’s a stand-alone mark.

Among all the drafts Milo Baù prepared, we felt in love with this design at first sight. He designed also the background pattern to accompany our Brand Image, as well as a guidelines on how to use our logo.

We recommend to work with!

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RCX Capodieci Roberto, an IT Artisan

Deciding to have my logo designed by has revealed to be a great choice: my idea and needs have been listened to and understood in a short conversation with Milo Baù, the professional designer behind

The sketches presented were all brilliant and kept me with the desire to develop them all.

Eventually Milo helped me with on the choice offering a deep analysis of the different possibilities and uses of the logo. The work provided wasn’t just the design, but included deep market research, the study of the competitors’ logos, analysis of the possible outcomes based on the choices I made.

I strongly suggest anyone that needs a professional work to contract as the money are well spent.

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