April Fools’ Day

April Fools’ Day

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Graphic designer and advertisers have often well-played pranks during the April Fools’ Day.

Also TV journalists and Radio Speakers had some brilliant idea:

  • The BBC in the ’50s showed Swiss harvesting spaghetti from trees.
  • Burger King in the latest ’90s when the new hamburger for left-handed people was announced.

All i know i found it in this video i attach here.
I hope you all find it as funny and interesting as i did!

April Fools' Day · MyLaw.it

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As the majority of us all really knows that this is the day for hoaxes and pranks, the most might on the other side ignore the origin of this day.
The 1 [or 2] April used to be the day to celebrate the new year for Paganism, before the Catholics forced to move that “first day of the year” on the first of January, as we celebrate it now.
So this might be one of the reason for the most-common prank in Europe: stick a paper fish [also mark of Christ] at others’ back.

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