Calligraphy as hobby

Calligraphy as hobby

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My Calligraphy’s hobby started in University

As a good friend of mine showed me how to “keep busy during those breaks between classes”: just a piece of wood with a metal point, some black ink, and a piece of watercolour’ paper.
It all started with “Gothic” kind of calligraphy which is more suggested for a “beginner”… as it gives the possibilities to achieve a basic level faster… tho it gets more complex, keeping that style, to learn how to give decorations and “curly lines”… as might be for the Fette Fraktur, which can be of some inspiration while practicing.

Hello Calligraphy, my old friend, I’ve come to write you once again…

It has been long time I was not practicing calligraphy… about couple of years!

But the fact that my laptop gave up on life [thank you… damn!] gave me time to go back on my old hobby so far I made only couple of texts, mostly just some scrabble to get back to connect with my pencil…

But here a calligraphic composition I finally like:

Photo of a paper with calligraphy [hobby i have]: “Se dai niente per niente avrai sempre & solo niente”

se dai niente
Per niente
Avrai sempre
& solo

if you give nothing
for nothing
You’ll have always
and only nothing

Quote taken from the song algoritmi by one of my favorite artist: KAOS

Herewith, the link to the song:

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