“Every night”, Gothic Calligraphy

“Every night”, Gothic Calligraphy

“Every night”, Gothic Calligraphy

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Gothic Calligraphy, some calligraphy again

Looks like calligraphy as a hobby has been just the beginning of “getting back in touch” with this passion of mine.

So I decided to keep going: here some gothic calligraphy… I am still far from getting to “the perfect calligraphy”, and not even close to a good or regular rhythm in the lettering, but I felt particularly satisfied by this last piece i made.

Let the pen go…

I like this gothic calligraphy cause i decided not to follow any kind of calligraphic style, to just “let the pen go” free on the paper.

I had this question spinning in my head, and so i decided to just stop it with ink on a piece of paper.

Gothic Calligraphy: every-night i think of you, why?

Every night I think of you, why?

of you, why?

Calligraphy helps

Calligraphy really helps me relax, to put my mind at ease.
And even if it’s more a hobby and a pleasure, i’ll keep practicing…

Just to quote a quite famous contemporary calligrapher:


Take Your Pleasure Seriously

Luca Barcellona



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