Logos by Milo Baù

Logos by Milo Baù

An updated collection of logos by Milo Baù

In this page you will find all the Logos by Milo Baù, a collection of all the logos [and some minor other projects] designed by Milo Baù.

Mostly all those logos by Milo Baù are designed using a proportion’s ratio that matches the Golden Ratio, but in some cases the ratio it’s simply proportionally increased, or based on a modular grid… and in some cases you’ll see also some hand-drawn logo.

Each of these logo and projects represents a company, or an activity, business, agency… therefore it represents satisfied customers first, rather than just a show-off of logo design skills.

The design of logos by Milo Baù started in 2006.

MyLaw.it started as the collections of logos by Milo Baù in 2006, when he official step into the graphic design world, as you can see from the Curriculum Vitae and the Bio; but only recently moved into a digital collection as online portfolio. Not all the logos by Milo Baù are yet here, but they will be slowly updated and added in this page!

this page is still a work in progress, more logos will be updated, descriptions will be updated too.
Check our blog to keep track of the latest updates

If you are curious about anything, or you have any question you wish to ask about the designed of logos by Milo Baù please contact me.
If you want to see other designs, or just enjoy some nice artworks and picture, please visit the blog page.


Here some of the logos by Milo Baù: