OmniaScribes, Website

OmniaScribes, Website

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OmniaScribes, Copywriting in Bali

A service that every business might need is copywriting: contents.
OmniaScribes had website to promote the service in Bali, and needed to renew the design making it more “unique” and up-to date.
This website design is really simple, the fonts are taken from the logo’s ones, as well as the colours.
The stile used is vintage-inspired, yet placing it into a website design makes this really modern.
Another feature of this WordPress-based website is that the animation between pages gives the user the idea of going trough the pages of a book.

to access the slideshow click on any of the photos below.

OmniaScribes - WEBSITE - HomePage

OmniaScribes - WEBSITE - Menu

OmniaScribes - WEBSITE - Services

OmniaScribes - WEBSITE - Transition 0

OmniaScribes - WEBSITE - Transition 1

OmniaScribes - WEBSITE - Transition 2

OmniaScribes - WEBSITE - Transition 3

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