See It Cards, Website

See It Cards, Website

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See It Cards Website

See it cards leverages both printed and digital media to deliver the message in the most efficient way.
A printed card features a digital monitor and speakers to show “kick-ass” videos.

The website features a minimalistic design and recall the cards themselves: mostly white with some text and interactive media as videos and photo galleries.
One of the main features of the website is the ORDER section where the user can entirely customise the card:


  • Display Dimension
  • Card Size
  • Storage
  • Touchscreen
  • Buttons

If you haven’t quite grasped yet what “See It Cards” is, just watch the video below.


  • See It Cards

to access the slideshow click on any of the photos below.

See It Cards - WEBSITE - Home Page

See It Cards - WEBSITE - About Us

See It Cards - WEBSITE - Order

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  • Project Management

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