Spa Venus, Website

Spa Venus, Website

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Spa Venus in Bali

Spa Venus, at Villa Kubu, is located in Kuta, in the south of the island of Bali.
Spa Venus needed to update the look of their website to switch to a website:

  • with big images
  • WordPress CMS
  • Blog
  • Responsive

So this new website offers a big “hero” image in the header, customisable on each page or replaceable with an image slider.
All the inline pictures [those placed in the pace] are opening an overlay gallery.

to access the slideshow click on any of the photos below.

Spa Venus - WEBSITE -Home Page

Spa Venus - WEBSITE - Mocktails

Spa Venus - WEBSITE - Page Example

Spa Venus - WEBSITE - Page Images

Spa Venus - WEBSITE - Contact Us

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