SpotByte Bali SEO, Website

SpotByte Bali SEO, Website

SpotByte Bali SEO, Website

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SpotByte, Bali SEO

SpotByte is a Bali-located company, specialised in online marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Optimisation with client in Bali, in Lombok and World-wide.
The website design were offered in 2 versions:

  • single page
  • multi page

Both responsive and optimised to any device/display.
This design features interactions and animations to catch the users to “play” with the website while using it…
…and as well making the complex topic of SEO and SMO and SMI and… more interesting and easier to understand.

to access the slideshow click on any of the photos below.

SpotByte - WEBSITE - Home Page

SpotByte - WEBSITE - Services Overview

SpotByte - WEBSITE - Services pt1

SpotByte - WEBSITE - Services pt2

SpotByte - WEBSITE - Services pt3

SpotByte - WEBSITE - Jargon normal

SpotByte - WEBSITE - Jargon Hover

SpotByte - WEBSITE - Jargon http

  • Website Development

  • Project Management

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